Garissa Missions Trip

Our Youth Evangelism team – Faith through Love – went on a week-long mission trip to Garissa, Kenya during the last week of March, 2018. They brought us testimonies of the favor the Lord gave them in the strict Muslim community of the area. 

Our team of seven had paired up with other young people from the International Christian Community in Nairobi for the mission. They got to minister to the Christian students’ fellowship in the University of Garissa – a place that experienced the Al–Shabab attack in 2015 that left 148 Christian students dead on campus. The Lord used them to restore His peace and hope for the students that still live under threats from the Al–Shabab. 

The team also visited an elderly missionary, Mary, who serves in a village outside of the Garissa town. They took supplies for the school she runs there and spent some time singing and playing with the young students. To the surprise of the ministers serving in the area, different people in the community approached the team with invitations into their homes and asking for prayers.

Before the trip was concluded, a pastor serving in the town invited our team to minister to Ethiopian men imprisoned in Garissa. They had been captured close to the Ethiopian border as they were crossing illegally into Kenya on their way to South Africa. The truck they were traveling in broke down, and the driver left them in the wilderness, where they were stranded for two days. They were found by herdsmen who helped them and reported them to the police. When our team visited them at the prison, they were nearing the end of their sentence to shortly return to Ethiopia. They rejoiced with them at the second chance that God had given them. They gave them gifts and preached the Gospel to them. Seven of the Ethiopian prisoners gave their lives over to Christ that day.

God gave our young team immense favor and wisdom. He used them for a purpose and a work that they never thought they were qualified for. Our entire congregation rejoiced with them as they returned home.

He Turned It! Concert

Yared Music School’s String Chamber Group at Beza


On the afternoon of Dec 3, 2017, Beza hosted a classical and jazz music concert to support the fundraising efforts of Addis Ababa University’s Yared Music School String Chamber group. The music team is invited, as part of an exchange program, to go represent Ethiopia in Germany in January, 2018.

The fundraising concert featured, besides the chamber group, notable musicians such as Dr. Cooper and his team (Kayn Lab), Jorga Mesfin and Jones. The Beza Youth Band also performed a few songs during the concert. The audience left the auditorium refreshed, inspired and having contributed to a great cause.






As the School Year Begins

On Sept 30, 2017, Beza Community Development Association (BCDA) organized an event at Entoto Program Outreach Premise to distribute education materials to orphans and vulnerable school children who have been enrolled in the program for the past 10 years. One hundred boys and one hundred girls have received school bags, exercise books, a pair of shoes and school uniforms that were prepared in advance as per each student’s specifications. 

Seeing the joy and gratitude in each child and their guardians has been satisfactory. We believe that although a small contribution, this will enable the children to better focus on their education, and grow to become problem solvers for their communities.

Unity Among Women of the Church

Close to 700 women attended the first national women’s conference held at the Beza Tabernacle on September 28 - 29. The conference, titled ‘She’ brought together women from over 40 churches and different denominations across the country. The two-day event was opened with a full women’s band and an original song. 

On the first day, Dr. Selam shared about mind transformation with references to new scientific findings on how thoughts and words affect the physical world. Fitsum, who shared the word on the second day taught on how to study the bible. She took the whole congregation on an exercise by drawing from her personal life and journey. 

Besides word and worship, the conference consisted of games and group discussions that brought the women closer together. This enabled the event to achieve its main objective - to unite women of different denominations through love, by the power of the Holy Spirit. We praise God that it has been very successful and a movement has began across the country towards unity. 

As women unite in love, we believe that it will only be a matter of time until the men follow.