Indigitous Addis

A delegation from Beza took part in the three-day Indigitous Addis conference that was held at The Hilton from May 9-10. Indigitous is a movement initiated by Campus Crusade for Christ on spreading the gospel by the use of digital strategies. This event gathered several people, organizations and ministries from all over Africa and world to brainstorm ideas and share their tools and outlooks on the subject.

The message for the opening day of the conference was delivered by Beza’s own Pastor Zerubbabel Mengistu. Following the word, each day of the Indigitous Addis conference began with praise and worship, which was led by Beza’s English worship team. Besides the choir, Beza also sent some of its media department members to attend and participate in the conference. It was been an eye-opening event that further equipped, motivated and inspired the media and communications team as a whole.