Chinese Ministry Takes Off in Beza

Last year a team from South Galilee Church in Denver, Colorado came to Beza to give training in Chinese evangelism. Agreements between the Chinese and Ethiopian governments in recent years have resulted in huge investments in the nation's infrastructure. This has resulted in a large number of Chinese that have flooded into the country. We see this as a unique opportunity to share the love of God, and we thank the brothers and sisters from South Galilee who helped prepare us to do so.

After the training, our evangelism team was visiting Chinese restaurants when they met Paul Wong, an evangelist from Hong Kong. He was so encouraged to see Ethiopians reaching out to Chinese people. It was a divine appointment to say the least. Since that time, South Galilee has sent a second team to help us, and with Paul's help, we have now started a small Chinese fellowship that meets weekly. We know this is just the beginning, and we are grateful for this opportunity to share God's love.