Beza Women's Conference 2015

The 11th annual Beza’s Women Conference was held in Minneapolis from April 16 to 19. Below are a couple of short reports written by two women who attended it for the first time this year.

Welcoming. Honoring. God's presence. All describe my first experience at the Beza Ethiopian Women's Conference.  As the only white face in a sea of women, I knew I couldn't be ignored.  But the warmth of the welcome I received was incredibly humbling. My precious sister, Atu, honored me with a public introduction and together we honored the Lord for the way He has kept our friendship of 37 years. But most importantly, I sensed God's presence as He made Himself manifest in the meetings.  

Truly Jesus was honored above all in the prayer and praise meeting Friday morning and He, in turn, honored us with His Words.  As we raised our hands, bowed our knees, lifted our voices and submitted our hearts to the King of kings, He led us into many focused areas of prayer. As the mother of a returning-prodigal, I was especially blessed by the word that God is our Father who is always looking for us to come home!

By : Deanne Nelson

There are some moments in life that define who we are and show us just a little bit more of God's plan for our lives.   The Beza Women's Conference 2015 is one of those defining moments in my life.    

The only way I can describe it is that I was soil and during the conference the praise and worship  was like water filling me with spiritual nutrients and minerals --breaking up my fallow ground to be ready for seed. Mighty women of God, Sofi and Atu, began skillfully planting those seeds from the Word of God. 

I thank God for Sofi and Atu being obedient to God.  They are The Lord's Master Gardeners--able to skillfully plant God's Word--prune us, water us and see the beautiful harvest that will come! We will never be the same thanks to  God's revelation at the Beza Women's Conference 2015.

By: Cynthia Newsome