Africa Arise - Rwanda!

At the invitation of Apostle Paul Gitwaza, Pastor Z was invited to speak at the Africa Haguruka 2016 conference in Kigali, Rwanda July 24-31, 2016. Apostle Gitwaza and him met by coincidence in a restaurant in Bethlehem last year, when both of them were leading teams from their respective churches on Holy Land tours. We called it a divine arrangement. “Haguruka” is the Kinyarwandan word for Arise, which is the same theme as our annual conference here is Addis Ababa.

“I was particularly impressed to see how Rwanda has moved on since the genocide of 1994,” Pastor Z says. It stands today as one of the leading nations in Africa- a testament to strong leadership, and the prayers of God’s people. Their story in an inspiration for the continent.

The conference also provided the opportunity to connect with so many great ministers from across the continent. The future is very bright indeed.