Beza Community Service

What we do physically is a declaration and reminder of what is happening spiritually, and in God’s design the two always meet.

Saturday, Sept 3, was a day of planting seeds – literally! Towering weeds were uprooted, loads of trash was discarded and trees bushes and flowers took their rightful paces. We took three teams of church members across the city to serve the city. One went to our project in Entoto to love on the children infected by HIV, another to our church block and still another to a neighborhood in need of serious physical attention.

While seeds made their home in our fresh and red soil, God’s seeds were planted in people’s hearts! Those seeds are bearing fruit in the form of hope.

From our children in Entoto to a forgotten neighborhood in the city, neither physical seed or spiritual seed will return to us void. God’s seed fuels our hope for our city!

Together with the community service we had our first live recording sessions during worship night! Our amazing worship team organized a concert where they introduced some original songs.

Join us in praying for God’s Hope into our city, one block at a time.