Beza Youth Organize the first Young African Think'rs Convention

Our leaders at the AU gathered during the 50th anniversary of the organization and wrote down Agenda 2063, a comprehensive vision for Africa for the coming fifty years. As change agents, our youth took hold of the 24-page document, studied it and organized the first Young African Think’rs Convention (YATC) held at the AU from August 10-12. The three-day convention divided young think’rs from all over the continent into seven fronts (education, business, politics, entertainment, debate, visual arts and tech teams) and discussed and brainstormed on practical solutions and projects.


The convention was concluded on International Youth Day by presenting the ideas and outcomes of the groups to high-level officials from the AU. Blown away by the presentations, the officials from the AU have committed to take the outcomes to higher levels and push them into implementation.


We praise God for the favor and wisdom He has showered us with. Let us keep praying for our young people who are working hard to establish His Kingdom in Africa.