Beza Ziway

Last June our Amharic worship team and band visited our church in Ziway town for our annual Beza Ziway conference. We were joined by Pst. Mesfin, Evangelist Philemona, and Pst. Daniel from Dire Dawa. It was a wonderful time of powerful ministry and fellowship. Several significant miracles and deliverances occurred over the course of the conference, but one in particular stood out.

A cameraman who was hired to film the conference was so moved by the presence of God, that he could no longer hold up his camera. He put it down, and sat on the stage weeping. He received healing for a knee condition, and then accepted Jesus as His Savior that night. Pst. Mesfin then encouraged the congregation to take up a special offering for his business. Still weeping, he then returned the money to the church, except for a 10birr note, which he wanted to keep as a reminder of what God had done for him that night.