#AfricaArise17 Day 3 - Mamusha Fenta

Dr. Mamusha Fenta is one of the great Bible teachers in our country. As Apostle Gitwaza taught about the responsibility of fathers yesterday, Dr. Mamusha taught about the responsibility of the children. 

Paul writes this letter to his beloved Timothy from prison. He was approaching the end, and was being "poured out like a drink offering." Most of the churches Paul had planted were in crisis, and false doctrines were rampant. There was a concern as to whether or not these churches would survive. Paul's solution to this, was Timothy. 

Timothy was to be careful to entrust what he had to faithful and reliable men, who would also be able to pass it on to others. Strong ministry is about how to receive, and how to give. We must be generational people. 

The young generation often aspires to short cut their way into success. May we a experience great success, but as our text suggests we also must be prepared to endure hardship as a good soldier. Timothy was to be as an athlete who competes. He was to be as a hard working farmer. understand that discipline and perseverance is necessary to finish strong. 

The strong leader who can be trusted, is not only the most successful, but the one who is willing to pay the price.