Unity Among Women of the Church

Close to 700 women attended the first national women’s conference held at the Beza Tabernacle on September 28 - 29. The conference, titled ‘She’ brought together women from over 40 churches and different denominations across the country. The two-day event was opened with a full women’s band and an original song. 

On the first day, Dr. Selam shared about mind transformation with references to new scientific findings on how thoughts and words affect the physical world. Fitsum, who shared the word on the second day taught on how to study the bible. She took the whole congregation on an exercise by drawing from her personal life and journey. 

Besides word and worship, the conference consisted of games and group discussions that brought the women closer together. This enabled the event to achieve its main objective - to unite women of different denominations through love, by the power of the Holy Spirit. We praise God that it has been very successful and a movement has began across the country towards unity. 

As women unite in love, we believe that it will only be a matter of time until the men follow.