The Beza Business Gates Re-launches

On March 26, 2017, the Beza Business Gate re-launched the network, reintroducing the business gate vision and Beza’s Ethical Charter. During his opening remarks, Pastor Z mentioned how the ethical charter is a tool for us to do what we do righteously. The power of this group lies with in the ethics we add and change from "Normal to Exceptional!” The church can't tell you how to do business but to remind you that there is a God and he is watching and rewards those who diligently pursue his purpose in everything they do.

During the meeting, a young Biniam was inaugurated as the BBG coordination officer and the working terms were discussed.

The second part of the program featured a presentation by Yohannes Tilahun who shared from his life experience about the things one should do to achieve peace and happiness. He reminded us that what mattered most in our whole life is the small dash between the two most important dates.