YATC 2018

2018-09-03 17.28.00.jpg

Young African Think'rs Convention 2018 was held under the theme ‘Understanding and owning Africa’s Identity: Using the Creative Industry for Effective Messaging towards a one-generation turn-around” at the African Union HQ in Addis Ababa from August 15 - 17. 

The convention was once again a success as it gathered 100 young people from across the continent and diaspora to develop frameworks for communicating messages of vision, awareness creation on the opportunities and resources available in the continent and the shared values of love, forgiveness and unity. The participants, mainly composed of young professionals from the creative industry, have gone back to their countries ready to engage and transmit the messages to their communities. 

Young African Think’rs is a network of African youth inspired by Agenda 2063 and highly convicted of the potential within them to bring the vision into reality. In partnership with the African Union, we have hosted our annual continental summits at the African Union HQ every August for the past two years. The convention is an intense brainstorming and idea generating summit that challenges young people to find solutions to the challenges Africa faces. National chapters of the movements have launched in countries like Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda. 

We praise God for the favor He has given us as we work to further His kingdom in the systems of this world. Your support and prayers are always much needed.