10th Annual Beza Women’s Conference held in Kansas, U.S.A.

The annual Beza Women’s Conference 2014 was held in Kansas from April 16 – 20. This conference aims at empowering women to reach their  God-given destiny by learning God's Word and creating an environment of love where relationships and support systems grow.

This year’s Beza Women’s Conference was a special one as it was the ten-year anniversary of the event. The women who hosted this year’s conference prepared a big cake, had custom ‘Beza Women’s Conference’ T-shirts made and organized a march that featured a display of flags of all the countries represented. The four-day conference also featured a special "Coffee with Sophie" talk show event, with an Ethiopian coffee ceremony and special guest, author and psychiatrist Dr. Miheret Debebe, who was interviewed about his popular Amharic book, "Yetekolefe Kulf" and the subject of mind transformation.

Speaking of the hospitality of the Kansas host team, Sophia Mengistu said, “these women rented cars, prepared delicious meals and worked long hours to host us with excellence. I can truly say that this conference was the best yet, and the standard is ever-growing."