Thinkers Convention Seeks to Unlock Youth Potential

The Thinkers Convention was a three-day brainstorming session for young people held at Beza Church from July 15 – 17, 2014. The focus of the event was to encourage the audience to discuss and come up with solutions for issues and problems that they found in their community that frustrated them.

The first day of the convention was opened by guest speaker Ato Yemaneh Gezahegn. After his brief speech of inspiration, the youth split into five different groups to brainstorm on these five topics: Clean Addis, Innovation, Begging, Green Addis and Clubbing. The teams, led by respective facilitators came up with different solutions and ideas to tackle their respective subjects.

By day two, the teams refined and worked on their ideas, concentrating on a few that were more relevant than others. On the third day, each team prepared slides and presented their ideas to the whole group.

This convention, held for the first time, only consisted of Beza Youth members. But in the near future, the organizers hope to organize the Thinkers Convention twice a year at a national level, helping to unleash the potential of Ethiopia's youth as an instrument in fighting poverty, developing innovation and birthing a generation of problem solvers.