A Visit to South Gondar

Beza Gondar
Team from Beza: (left to right) Sis Bow, Jesse, Eunice and Malaika.

Team from Beza: (left to right) Sis Bow, Jesse, Eunice and Malaika.


Over the last week, we sent a team of four to visit our projects in Lagayint, South Gonder. It was a mission to encourage the project leaders there and provide them with trainings in social work, children's ministry, worship and music leading.  

"The trip was truly monumental. God spoke, uplifted all our spirits and knit the hearts together with those who are spending themselves for the good news of Jesus everyday in that community," says Pastor Jesse.

Beza training

The team gave trainings in social work, children’s ministry, worship and music leading.

Beza's outreach projects in La-gayint, South Gondar include income generation programs, school tutoring support and a kindergarten. These currently operate under the Beza Community Development Association (BCDA). Furthermore, the spiritual wing of our outreach in South Gondar is overlooked by the Beza International Fellowship. 

Beza Women’s Conference 2018

The 13th annual Beza Women’s Conference in the US took place in Charlotte, North Carolina from April 12 - 15, 2018. It was attended by over 200 women from different states across the US, Canada, Kenya and Ethiopia.

Under the theme ‘Together’ the conference heard from Sophia Mengistu, Fitsum Redwan and Adanech Abebe from Percept Ministries. It emphasized on the prophetic voice of God in their lives, and highlighted on the importance of recognizing it as the highest authority and truth. 

The conference included early morning prayers, Coffee with Sophie, prayer and deliverance, as well ad in-depth bible study times. The women basked in the amazing presence of God evident amidst them and took part in a miraculous healing atmosphere. Many testimonies were shared by the end.

One woman who had been under heavy medication for months leading up to the conference had been healed. “I’ve decided to take Jesus as my medicine,” she exclaimed. Another testified that she had been only on fluids for three months until that week she received her healing and started taking food. 

We praise God for the blessed time that the women’s conference witnessed. The women left encouraged and transformed by the divine presence of God. 

Garissa Missions Trip

Our Youth Evangelism team – Faith through Love – went on a week-long mission trip to Garissa, Kenya during the last week of March, 2018. They brought us testimonies of the favor the Lord gave them in the strict Muslim community of the area. 

Our team of seven had paired up with other young people from the International Christian Community in Nairobi for the mission. They got to minister to the Christian students’ fellowship in the University of Garissa – a place that experienced the Al–Shabab attack in 2015 that left 148 Christian students dead on campus. The Lord used them to restore His peace and hope for the students that still live under threats from the Al–Shabab. 

The team also visited an elderly missionary, Mary, who serves in a village outside of the Garissa town. They took supplies for the school she runs there and spent some time singing and playing with the young students. To the surprise of the ministers serving in the area, different people in the community approached the team with invitations into their homes and asking for prayers.

Before the trip was concluded, a pastor serving in the town invited our team to minister to Ethiopian men imprisoned in Garissa. They had been captured close to the Ethiopian border as they were crossing illegally into Kenya on their way to South Africa. The truck they were traveling in broke down, and the driver left them in the wilderness, where they were stranded for two days. They were found by herdsmen who helped them and reported them to the police. When our team visited them at the prison, they were nearing the end of their sentence to shortly return to Ethiopia. They rejoiced with them at the second chance that God had given them. They gave them gifts and preached the Gospel to them. Seven of the Ethiopian prisoners gave their lives over to Christ that day.

God gave our young team immense favor and wisdom. He used them for a purpose and a work that they never thought they were qualified for. Our entire congregation rejoiced with them as they returned home.